Walk a Crooked Mile

by Joseph Boyle

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Following on from Moonstone, Walk a Crooked Mile is the continuing musical story of Joseph's recovery, with its many facets – exuberance; guilt; confusion; loss; sadness; bitterness; broken relationships; black humour; ecological awareness; and difficult communication. The album has been inspired by gospel music and the Temperance Movement.


released July 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Joseph Boyle Scotland, UK

Singer songwriter who uses music to aid his recovery from alcohol problems.

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Track Name: Rollercoaster
Leave your broken baggage on the track behind you
Leave them with your worries of the day
I’ll take you up to where your cares will never find you
Daylight trip along the Milky Way
Sign on for a jungle ride of non stop wonder
Time inside a paraglide of flashing thunder
A cavalcade an esplanade a sanctuary if you want to stay
Won’t somebody join me take a chance on my rocking horse rollercoaster
Give me more just a passing glance at my rocking horse rollercoaster
The morning will climb
And the daylight will shine over your eyes

Don’t just stand there looking at the sun roll over
Waiting for the light to fade away
Wasting time just hoping for a four leaf clover
That’s never ever going to come your way
Find yourself a cloud to fit this silver lining
Your future’s more than bright it’s positively shining
Adventure time is not tomorrow it’s already waiting here today so
Won’t somebody join me……….

Make yourself get off that shelf and grab a song sheet
Sing out loud and give it strongest voice
Don’t worry if your dancing shoes are on the wrong feet
Nobody will notice in the noise
Feel yourself adapting to a new sensation
Pressure to impress with your imagination
Find yourself deciding there’s no need to keep on hiding what you feel
Won’t you come and join me………
Track Name: Iscariot
Now is when I could bring it back again
Lost from long ago a sentimental friend
And be inside complete an ordinary man
For all the world to see me as I really am
An ordinary man an ordinary man

Now is when I should try to make amends
Behave exactly as they all would recommend
Be famed acclaimed the one who’s willing to confess
Take full responsibility admissions under stress
A fool and nothing less a fool and nothing less

Now is when I could bring it to an end
Complete the final page before they can pretend
To know events which sent the thoughts around my head
Illustrating with quotations from things I’ve never said
Fantasies instead fantasies instead
Track Name: Magdalen
Things that once were so important
Things in life that were a constant
Suddenly obliterated simply blown away
All those friends and true believers
Victims of some cruel deceivers
All for nothing all is lost or is there still a way
They’ve taken all her dreams away
Won’t listen when she tries to say
It doesn’t matter anyway
That she will always be

Never slow to understanding
But without her soulmate bonding
Finds herself alone and drifting lost and floating free
Not in sight but always watching
Arrows loose but there for notching
Catching strangers looking at her quickly look away
Once in focus of the crowd
Name no longer spoken loud
Yet her gaze is still unbowed
She will always be

Gradually reconstructing
Some might say she’s contradicting
Their instruction to desist from radical decree
She will brook no hostile rival
Engineer her own survival
Spark contagious flame revival plain for all to see
All remember what she said
Simply drawn in what we’ve read
Inspiration bannerhead
She will always be
Track Name: Soldier
I lived in a town
Where the rain fell up and down
I was never quite sure
If there was a sun at all
Or if night was really day
Which was black
Or which was grey
But I knew where I was
I had all the answers

Strangers on a beach
Communicating without speech
They were sitting in the wind
Looking at the sea go by
Lost at sea a ship of fools
Life on earth without the rules
But I knew where I was
I had all the answers

Hardly then much older
Pack upon his shoulder
The hero goes
To save some other nation
From their own damnation
By spreading woes
No one to blame
For the blind the crippled and the lame
But the tears in my eyes
Were impossible to disguise
One upon the other
In a manner unbecoming
To a soldier

I live in a town
Where the rain falls up and down
And I’m never quite sure
If there is a sun at all
Which is night which is day
Which is black which is grey
But I know where I am
I have all the questions
Track Name: Icicles
Snowflakes are floating high
Falling in the grey of a winter sky
Covering gently pencil trees
Etching on sketching that nobody sees
Log cabin fires crackle a simple little song
But icicles shine in your eyes
Making the day too long

Snowman sleepy face
Tangerine sun in an icy haze
Watch the children play on ice
Woolly warm and looking very nice
Smoke up curling Christmas coming bells go ring a ding a dong
But icicles shine in your eyes
Making the day too long

Sometimes in the darkness I can hear the snow
Somewhere in the afterlight of sunset show
I can see the gentle whisper of approaching night
Imagine how it flickers in the candlelight
Taste the silence of the sifting sand
Wonder at the customs of a distant land
But morning comes too soon for me to understand

Gold and silver softest glow
Sound of sleigh bells mistletoe
Welcome all who come from miles
Out of darkness brightest smiles
Eggnogs singing dancing hugs
Come join the merry little throng
But icicles shine in your eyes
Making the day too long
Track Name: Retro
You’re Taylor with much more style
A Garland a Garbo or a Norma Jean
Bergman with Jane Russell smile
A Hedy Lamar that they’ve never seen
Kermode’s your new valentine
But despite his impressive review
I’m making the movie on a different line
Killing the ending with you

Your stills are a technical dream
You’ve always been seen in the kindest light
Your skills are no more than they seem
Expressions of darkness by candlelight
Whenever the neon lights shine
Your name is the first to come through
But I’m making the movie in a different line
Killing the ending with you

I’ve heard all the critics agree
The story without you can only die
But where do you think we would be
If only the vultures had learned to fly
Razamataz is divine but razamataz isn’t new
So I’m making the movie on a different line
Track Name: Chronicle
Day began in the darkest hour of the night
But we were soon long
And far away from where we had started out at first light
The weak and the strong
And we closed our eyes to the raging skies
And tears of thunder rain
We closed our eyes to the raging skies
And tears of thunder rain

But soon the distance we’d gained
Began to mean less for some had remained
Among the trees alone and afraid
Unable to move we left them dismayed
And we knew the emptiness of a day without sunlight
And we knew the emptiness of a day without sunlight

Now as never before the wisdom of hope
Can lead us no more our time has come
The night has begun
The shadows will rise but never the sun
And we know the emptiness of a day without sunlight
And we know the emptiness of a day without sunlight
Track Name: Midnight London
Give yourself the time it takes
To read the magazine that makes the world go round
But spare yourself the problem pages
You and I could shame them all
You and I
Platform porter silent thinker
Daydream dancer coffee drinker
No one smiles
Attention please loud speaker grating
On your way London’s waiting
No goodbyes
Midnight London
Midnight London

Tomorrow’s chimes can seem so far away from yesterday
And summer skies seem always to be blue
But sun on a clear day won’t shine in a subway
And crowds become clouds over you

Almost on the point of talking
Mind on fire but dead man walkng
Stares ahead
Summer but it feels like winter
Conversation icy splinter
Hangs unheard

Focus on the destination
Must avoid an altercation
Tact required
Chance now gone for explanation
Leaving hopeless desperation
Time expired

Midnight London
Midnight London

Midnight London now leaving
Midnight London now leaving
Midnight London now leaving
Track Name: Greater Glory
We are bound for a greater glory
Through storm and hail we will prevail
Times to come will tell the story
Of how the hardship of the day
Became our lanterns all along the way
Through the darkness to the dawn
Of a beautiful day

Rivers will run where mountains have crumbled
Heroes will rise with shields of fire
Eagles will fly where dragons have tumbled
From the battlefields of the skies
To join our demons with all of their lies
In the darkness of a world
Without freedom or love

If our strength should stumble or stall
If our courage falter or fall
Then together shoulder to shoulder we will stand
Till our hope recovers and shines
Till our faith reinforces our lines
And by standing all together we can deal with any weather and move on hand in hand

We are bound……………..